MMK Thesis: Boštjan Pertinač

MMK Thesis: Boštjan Pertinač

Multimedia content production for online product promotion

Author: Boštjan Pertinač
Menthor: izr. prof. dr. Matej Zajc
Thesis defense: Monday, 28.9.2015, P16


We live in the information age that offers us new opportunities, including new ways of communication. It can also be utilized by companies to start with a different approach to appeal to their target audience. The thesis summarizes the processes that are necessary for the production of multimedia content for the purpose of online promoting of companies. Given that multimedia content can be distributed on different web pages and portals, this thesis describes only the online promotion of companies through social media.

The text based on given literature shows, which are the best times to post on social media, what are the promotional approaches, and which are the most suitable portals for different situations. There are also listed some different ways to compose a post on social media and certain rules which must be followed for the successful promotion on these networks.

Because of the wide concept of multimedia this thesis limits it content primarily on video and audio especially background music for it. Presented project approach of the preparation and execution in the production of the video and background music, and promotion of multimedia content in order to increase the popularity of the company. A promotional video was made for a given product, and carried out with promotional activities on social media. Presented are results of the online promotion and lessons learned from practical training at the company GOAP d.o.o..

Key words: video, online promotion, multimedia content, social media


Production of multimedia content: Video editing


Final product: Youtube video – Qubino Flush Dimmer

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