Multimedia Exposure Measurement Experiment (MMEM)

Multimedia Exposure Measurement Experiment (MMEM)

In May of this year, we began an experiment to measure multimedia exposure. The study identifies the usefulness of psychophysiological signals for measuring multimedia exposure in terms of useful information for assessing multimedia exposure. As a true value of multimedia exposure, we will assess multimedia exposure using the MMES scale, which we developed in a previous study and is in preparation for publication. The research was approved by the state ethics commission.

The purpose of the research is

Assess the proportion of MMES multimedia exposure variance explained by psychophysiological measurements;
Sort the selected psychophysiological signals according to the size of the contribution to the MMES assessment;

The experiment is individual and lasts about 50 minutes. The test person wears various wearable psycho-physiological sensors while viewing pre-prepared multimedia content and then answers questions.

Test subjects aged 18-24 are invited to participate. Send mail to