Multimedia exposure meter

Multimedia exposure meter

Investor: Nielsen

Team: Andrej Košir, Evin Aslan Oguz, Gregor Stre

The goal is to design and build a multimedia exposure model in the field of video content and advertising effects. It is an extremely demanding interdisciplinary project of (tele)communications, smart environments and the Internet of things, situational awareness, artificial social intelligence, and statistical and machine modelling. The project raises questions What is multimedia exposure? Is multimedia exposure objectively measurable? Is it measurable with modern technology?

The approach to build a multimedia exposure meter comprised of procedures and solutions in the field of multivariate statistics, design of experiments, machine learning, and analysis and visualization of complex data. The testing of realistic experiments with real users in a living lab and beyond is crucial. This also opens the ethical dimension, which, as well as conceptual and technological aspects, requires acceptable solutions.