Matej Zajc

prof. dr. Matej Zajc
is a Full professor at the Department for ICT, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He teaches courses at bachelor, masters and phd levels in the fields ICT and multimedia. His research is devoted to ICT for smart grid; ICT for green transition; Internet of Things; Ambient intelligence; smart objects and environments; modelling socio-technical systems. In 2015 he was a visiting professor at Human Centered Design and Engineering Department at University of Washington. His research field covers telecommunications and information-communication technologies. Currently, he is a mentor to five doctoral students in the field of ICT in smart grids. For his comprehensive teaching, he received a Milan Vidmar award in 2015 awarded by the Faculty of Electrical engineering. In 2012 he was the recipient of an exceptional scientific achievement ARRS in the domain of Education.

Prof. dr. Matej Zajc actively participates in activities promoting the electrical engineering field and activities that promote engineering studies in the community. He is an active volunteer at IEEE, he was IEEE Slovenia Section Chair (2010-2013), Chair of IEEE Signal Processing & Circuits and Systems Chapter (2013-2017), and Chair of IEEE Education Chapter (2017 – 2020). At Region 8 he is Section Vitality and Development Coordinator (2020 – ). For over a decade, he was a vice-chair of conference ERK (Electrical engineering and computer science conference in Slovenia), and member of many organizational conference boards IEEE (MELECON, EUROCON, EDUCON, ENERGYCON, ICALT, etc.) and organizer of many events at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, as for example Erasmus+ BENEFIT Open Day and 12th international conference WSPLC 2018.

Research fields

    • ICT systems and services for Smart grid
    • Users in Green transition
    • Ambient intelligence and smart environments
    • Vehicle to everything (V2X), Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI)

Recent activities

    • CIGRE WG C6.47 member: DSO-customer interfaces for efficient system operation: The mission of this group is to investigate the requirements for communication, data exchange, visibility and controllability between a customer and its DSO. These requirements will be translated into design considerations for such an interface.
    • V2X Cluster member: WG Business Models: V2X cluster consists of EV4EU, SCALE, FLOW, XLConnect, Drive2X.
    • Topic Editor: Smart Grids: Electrical Power Networks and Communication Systems, Journals: Electricity (ISSN 2673-4826) Electronics (ISSN 2079-9292) Energies (ISSN 1996-1073)
  • Recent events & Talks
    • Intsikt 2023 – Introductory address and talk: Engineering education in times of Climate action
    • Telfor 2022 – Invited paper: Information Communication Technologies as Enabler of Green Transition:
      Education and Research Perspectives
    • Intsikt 2022 – Introductory address and talk: Green transformation
    • Intsikt 2021 – ICT – a driver for digital transformation – Introductory address and talk: Digitalization of power systemslink
    • Speaker at Webinar: Steps towards data interoperability in smart grids, 16.6.2021, organized by EIMV – link
    • Special session of Erasmus+ BENEFIT at ERK 2020 – Didactics I & II – selected paper are available here
    • Erasmus+ BENEFIT workshop on New teaching methodologies and instructional approaches in ICT engineering education with an emphasis on learning outcomes and competence development for the engineering profession – organizer of a two-day workshop
    • Intsikt 2019 -XV International Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies, Tuzla, June – Career Opportunities in Information Communication Technology Engineering – conference chair


    • EV4EU Horizon Europe (2022 – 2025) Electric Vehicles Management for carbon neutrality in Europe
      • Opportunity for full-time work on the project and Phd enrolment in autumn 2022/23: two open positions (link)
    • Design of a distributed data warehouse based on blockchain technology ensuring secure data transfer in the Elektro Celje network, project leader EIMV (2021-2022)
    • ERASMUS+ KA2: BENEFIT – Boosting the telecommunications engineer profile to meet modern society and industry needs (KA2 Capacity Building in Higher Education) (2017-2021) (link) – publications are available here
    • IMPONET – Intelligent Monitoring of Power Networks – No. 09030, EU-Eureka (2010-2013) – local coordinator at UL
    • PLC technologies for alternative intelligent networks and services – STELKOM (2010 – 2011) – coordinator
    • ELU – Enhanced Learning Unlimited, EU-FP6 (2006 – 2008) – local coordinator at UL


Full list of publications is available here.



I am teaching courses on Bachelor (1. level), Masters (2. level) and PhD (3. level) programs for over 25 years. My students are enrolled in ICT and Multimedia programs.

Ambient intelligence (E, 3. level)

Communication electronics (E, 2. level)

Ambient intelligence (MM, 2. level)

Multimedia terminals (MM, 2. level)

Intelligent systems (E, 1. level)

Project management (ICT) (AE, 1. level, applied engineering)

Team of Masters and Phd students

Invitation to Erasmus students to join the team researching ICT and multimedia topics on Green transition!

Contact me for more information!

Masters students:

Tim Marentič – Investigation of bidirectional power exchange between electric vehicles and the grid (completed)

Marko KatrašnikPublic portal for community participation in sustainable energy use (completed)

Matej Leskovšek –  Introduction of gamification in the demonstration of a self-sustainable energy community (completed)

Ena KikanovićConsumers’ flexibility modelling within the energy community framework (completed)

Amila DerviševićSemantic data modelling with graph databases enabling interoperability in smart grids (completed)

Nejc BevkAgent modelling of prosumer behaviour (completed)

Blaž Okorn – Coordination of local electricity balancing between active users using the Ethereum platform (completed) – march 2022 – the recipient of CIGRE/CIRED award – 51. Bedjanič award for master thesis 2021 (link)

Bachelor Students:

Tim Vlastelica – Prototyping ambient intelligence systems

Tim Marentič Solar power plant and battery storage design towards company’s energy self-sufficiency (completed)

Phd students:

Mitja KolencCommunication systems for data monitoring of distributed energy resources – januar 2020 – the recipient of CIGRE/CIRED award  – 50. Bedjanič award for doctoral thesis 2020 (link, award ceremony)

Ajla MehinovićICT architecture and information modelling supporting local electricity market

Ivana ManevskaConsumer-centered methodology framework for active consumer engagement in energy services

Andrej SouventOntology-based IoT integration framework for Smart Grid (co-mentoring)

Janez Bartol – Hierarchical ICT architecture for secure data governance and exchange at the edge of Smart grid