Urban Burnik

dr. Urban Burnik, assistant professor

Location LUCAMI BNK15 (Building B, basement)
Phone +386 1 4768 440
E-mail urban.burnik[at]


Urban Burnik received his BSc degree in 1992, MSc degree in 1996 and his PhD. degree in 2002 at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Since 1994, he is employed at Digital signal processing Laboratory at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

His career covers the field of digital signal processing, multimedia technologies and mobile communications. His research is oriented towards multidimensional signal processing, telecommunications and multimedia services.

Over the last 20 years, he was actively involved in several national and international projects.
He is active in the national technical standardisation committee SIST/TC for mobile communications. He is member of the Slovenian Society for Electronic Communications SIKOM and IEEE, where he was leading joint SP/CAS chapter, chair of Slovenia section IEEE, of which he is currently a treasurer.


Research in the field of telecommunication services, particularly those related to multimedia signals like voice, image and video. Research activities involve optimal use of network resources, data compression, multimedia, image processing, acoustics and digital sound processing, distance learning and telecommuting

  • Medical service management
  • Video distribution and coding
  • Video quality assessment in broadcasting and IP distribution
  • Platforms for affordable signal processing and  student workbench utilities


ICT4QoL – ICT4QoL – Information and Communications Technologies for Quality of Life
P0- 0515-1538
Algorithms and applications for transmission and processing of digital multimedia signals and data
Methodology and infrastructure for measurement and evaluation of digital broadcast TV signal quality.
Innovation and Knowledge Management towards eStudent Information System (Tempus JPGR 511342)

Teaching, courses

Working as a lecturer and as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Most courses are given in local language and are listed on the Slovenian page version.

Courses offered to foreign students:

Digital Signal Processing

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