Users in Multimedia Communications

How multimedia affects people – how to measure users’ multimedia exposure

Top page text: Multimedia content is omnipresent and affects our lives in various ways. However, quantitative impacts of multimedia exposure are not extensively studied. The challenge is how to build instruments that would quantitively measure the effects of multimedia on people. Further research is also needed to determine how modern wearable sensor signals and IoT sensors can be combined to automate multimedia exposure measurements.

We developed a Multimedia Ad Exposure Scale (MMAES), which allows us to quantitatively measure ad exposure experienced by users of multimedia (MM). As a result, we can obtain weak ground truth of MM exposure. This is crucial to develop models to determine MM exposure from wearables and IoT data.  The goal is to investigate the relationship between the MM effects and the user behaviour data available.

Furthermore, we established an experimental environment for multimedia exposure measurement that is close enough to the real home and the controlled laboratory environment.