Gestural Interfaces

Human-Computer Interaction using Gestures

Human-Computer Interaction research is focused on “natural” interfaces, which use human gestures and postures as well as audio commands to control applications. In this way we aim to replace remote controls in home environment. Some of the research challenges include:

  • Real-time video analysis to detect humans, faces, hands, and their gestures
  • Face detection and face recognition of the users
  • Hand detection, tracking and recognition of gestures
  • Usage of gestures to control user interfaces
  • Using 3D sensors such as Kinect to detect gestures and human motion
  • Innovative natural user interfaces for interactive television, smart devices and computers.

Research Topics

An overview of the research challenges and results is shown in the following slide show.

Results and Publications


  • Dr Janez Zaletelj, leader
  • Dejan Tomažič (2009-2012), student, researcher
  • Jernej Perhavc (2005), student