5G and beyond: mobile reality extensions

The foreseen advances in mobile technology reach far beyond capacity improvements. Advances on radio access network together with essential core improvements extend local ambient boundaries and will enable efficient, supportive and pleasant user-adapted communications worldwide.
Contemporary mobile networks providing reliability, low latency, massive interconnectivity and increased data bandwidth are a strong fundament on which innovative user-interactive context-dependent communication applications and services can be extended without boundaries. Our central goal is to improve the service brought to the end-user in terms of her/his experience, satisfaction, efficiency and gain across a wide span of applications (including telecommunications, multimedia access, learning, and an intelligent user environment). Our interest is to bring solutions to the end-users that are adapted to real-world challenges, and therefore we work hand in hand with the enabling technology behind 5G and beyond.
Having the necessary knowledge we provide an independent source of information on progress in mobile technologies to students, companies and general public.