Living lab and smart home

Core challenge of smart system development is not an improvement of artificial intelligence and sensing, but design and implementation of user experiments. In Lucami lab, we equipped a dedicated testing room imitating smart home (thanks to Nielsen) and developed mobile application for learning users’ situation awareness to extend controlled lab experiments into real users’ environment – this makes it Living lab.

Equipment of our living lab is:

  • Visual sensing: cameras, Kinect
  • Psycho physiological signals: Heart rate, Electrodermal activity, pupil size, gaze and others
  • Controlled illumination
  • Configurable mobile app: custom questions, phone sensor capturing, context-dependent user notification
  • Data storage and protection infrastructure
  • Expertise on human data analysis

We offer experimental expertise (experimental design and implementation support) and implementation of user experiments research and industrial partners.

Currently, we are developing multimedia exposure meter.

User experiments design and implementation is integrated into courses Optimisation in telecommunications and user adapted communication.

Ethical issues are getting momentum in this context and will be a deciding factor of future smart systems. More on Ethics and smart systems.