MMK Thesis: Tilen Vrcon

MMK Thesis: Tilen Vrcon

MMK Thesis: Tilen Vrcon

Tilen Vrčon:  Comparison of portrait photo retouching tools

Mentor : Janez Zaletelj

Thesis defense: Monday, 16.2.2015, 12.00 Diplomska soba


The thesis deals with the entire process of retouching portrait photographs and comparing the quality as well as complexity of the selected programs. The tools and practical display of retouching three portraits in different qualities and three programs are shown in the first chapter of the thesis. Adobe Photoshop CS5, PortraitPro 12 and VisegeLab programs are used. In the second chapter we perform different comparisons of different qualities of various sectors, complexity and differences of the used programs and, furthermore, try to show the benefits of a particular program. Corrected (retouched) portrait photos are gained as the first result. Moreover, Adobe Photoshop CS5 is selected as the most suitable program for retouching as it offers many possibilities to retouch photos. The entire thesis is meant to be a guide for retouching portraits and help a user to choose the most convenient program easily.

Key words: process of retouching, a portrait photograph, tools, quality, Adobe Photoshop CS5, PortraitPro 12, VisageLab

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Head: Professor Andrej Košir

User-adapted Communication and Ambient Intelligence Lab (LUCAMI)
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