Clickstream based user persona recognition

Investor: Telekom Slovenije The team: principal investigator Andrej Košir, researchers Nejc Kozjek, Matevž Kunaver The project aimed at development, implementation and verification (feasibility study) of unsupervised user persona identification algorithm based on remote controller click-stream. We developed a novel user persona identification algorithm analyzing short sequences of user events. The…

TEDx Talk of Prof. Kosir

TEDx Talk of Prof. Kosir

Prof. Andrej Kosir will give a talk at the upcoming TEDx Event in Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom, on Sunday, 4th December 2016. Prof. Kosir will be talking about socially intelligent systems, and their application in the fields of elderly care and technology enhanced learning. Those systems are capable of detecting and…

MMK Thesis: Ziga Kovacic

Žiga Kovačič: Shooting and postprocessing of product photographs Menthor: dr. Janez Zaletelj Thesis defense: Monday, 16.2.2015, 12.00 Diplomska soba Abstract The thesis presents photographing products for commercial purposes. The first part describes the process of building a home photo studio, the photographic equipment, basic concepts and the operation of a…

MMK Thesis: Tilen Vrcon

MMK Thesis: Tilen Vrcon

Tilen Vrčon:  Comparison of portrait photo retouching tools Mentor : Janez Zaletelj Thesis defense: Monday, 16.2.2015, 12.00 Diplomska soba Abstract The thesis deals with the entire process of retouching portrait photographs and comparing the quality as well as complexity of the selected programs. The tools and practical display of retouching…

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Head: Professor Andrej Košir

User-adapted Communication and Ambient Intelligence Lab (LUCAMI)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Tržaška 25, 1001 Ljubljana

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Telephone: +386 1 4768 354 (Head)
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