Workshop Virtual 4D trip on innovative technology summer camp

Workshop Virtual 4D trip on innovative technology summer camp

Oprijemljivi vmesnik za krmiljenje aplikacij

Tangible user interface

Zaključna fotografija udeležencev delavnice na 4D izlet

Attendees of summer camp

From 22. till 26. 8. 2016 Faculty of Electrical Engineering organized Innovative technology summer camp. Our laboratory prepared several workshops.

The workshop Virtual 4D trip was attended by 9 students. We have built tangible interface device, which we used to prepare a virtual trip.Tangible interface is in form of handle, which measures its inclination and controls PC application based on measured value of pitch roll and yaw. Inclination values are measured using 3-axis accelerometer in form of IMU MPU6050. Attendees of workshop created electronics, programmed firmware using Arduino IDE and designed device housing using  SketchUp modelling software. Housings were then printed using 3D printer. Assembled devices were used to take us on virtual trip in Google Earth. Tangible interface is usable for controlling of other applications. On our workshop we have tested it using several computer games.

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Head: Professor Andrej Košir

User-adapted Communication and Ambient Intelligence Lab (LUCAMI)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Tržaška 25, 1001 Ljubljana

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