AE Thesis: Wireless weather station signal reception using RTL-SDR system

AE Thesis: Wireless weather station signal reception using RTL-SDR system

Title: Wireless weather station signal reception using RTL-SDR system
Author: Uroš Slak
Supervisor: viš. pred. dr. Urban Burnik
Date: 4.4.2016

This thesis deals with the process of receiving a signal from an external sensor of wireless weather station using RTL-SDR system. After a brief description of software defined radio (SDR) technology it is firstly presented the RTL-SDR system which is in generally SDR based on the use of affordable TV USB tuner with RTL2832U chipset. There follows a description of the structure and principle of operation of the RTL-SDR system. In the following is presented a performance of the wireless weather station which for the transmission of RF signal use a binary modulation BASK with Manchester coding on a carrier frequency of 433 MHz. In more detail there are also described the high frequency protocols for the signal transmission from the external sensor. For working with RTL-SDR system there are briefly presented software tools among which I chose rtl_sdr and Gqrx, and proceedings that are required for the installation of the packets and libraries which I used when building the software. For the analysis of the signal I used a software tool Audacity. In the end it is presented a procedure to decode a signal which is transmitted by the weather station sensor. I compared the result obtained with the reception by using the rtl_433 software package.

Keywords: RTL-SDR, DVB-T TV USB tuner, Oregon Scientific wireless weather station, high frequency protocols, BASK modulation, Gqrx, Audacity, decoding.


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