MMK Thesis: Samo Bihar

MMK Thesis: Samo Bihar

Creating animated video for product promotion

Author: Samo Bihar
Mentor: izr. prof. dr. Matej Zajc
Thesis defense: Tuesday, 29.9.2015, mala diplomska soba


This diploma thesis describes the process of creating 2d animated video with the purpose of promoting educational mobile games for children.

Exposure to large amount of infromation leads us to contemplate the effective ways of communication. Because of its flexibility, effectiveness and relative simplicity of production, animation offers many opportunities for its use in various fields. Purpose and application of an animated video have a great influence on decisions we make about the content and design in the planning and the production phase.

In the first part of my thesis I present the characteristics of effective communication and the importance of visual media and narrative elements in understanding the information provided. We get to know the concept of animation, its features, development and applications through history, focusing on the use of animation in advertising. In the second part follows a description of planning, design and approaches to the production of an animated video in Adobe After Effects software. The process of production is described step by step with the help of images and in a way that is suitable for beginners in animation and forementioned software.

Keywords: animation, animated video, communication, advertising, promotion, Adobe After Effects

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