AE Thesis: Self-organising network in LTE systems

AE Thesis: Self-organising network in LTE systems

Self-organising network in LTE systems
Author: Jan Kodrič
Supervisor: viš. pred. dr. Urban Burnik
Date: 14.3.2016

The thesis describes technology of self-organized network (SON), what that is, it’s functionalities and possible architectures but before that briefly about LTE network in which a SON is put in to practical use.
SON is a must in the future, because without functions for automatic configuration, optimization, network healing, which SON consist of, mobile network as we know it would not function optimally since there is more and more user equipments connecting to mobile network. SON’s main feature is automation with which we minimize human errors and autonomize the network as much as we can with reducing OPEX (Operational Expenditures) and CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) since further scalability of the network is also autonomized.

Keywords: SON, LTE, eNodeB, self-optimization, mobile network optimization, mobile cells.


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