Zagovor diplome: KEVIN STRASNER

Naslov naloge: Arhitekturna zasnova pametne javne razsvetljave

Zagovor bo potekal: 08.11.2018, 14:00

Lokacija: Diplomska soba, FE


In this bachelor thesis, I’m presenting architecture of the proposed smart street lighting system, which solves a lot of problems that arise with the current systems. With the implementation of solar power, LEDs with dimming, motion sensors, wireless communication and the smart control system, the future looks bright. Lower cost of energy consumption, less carbon emissions and greater flexibility are just some of the reasons that show a tremendous amount of progress and offer further possibilities. I begin with a brief presentation of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves and technical quantities of light. I continue with the description of different types of bulbs and I try to explain why LED bulbs are the right choice for our system. Then, I focus on the Internet of things, which includes a sensor network, wireless technologies, protocols and a smart control system. In the next chapter, I describe the entire proposed system and its architecture, from hardware to network communication, and I try to show the operation with algorithms. In the end, I also created a project that, in a minimalistic way, shows the functioning of the system and communication between the control center, the MQTT broker and the LED lamp.

Kandidat in avtor naloge: Kevin Strasner

Mentor: doc. dr. Urban Burnik

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Predstojnik: Prof. Andrej Košir

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